• Micheal Stancombe

Winter Nationals

As we left the cold North to meet up with racing team member JJ Turk in Cocoa Beach Florida , we knew we were in for a fight . I hadn’t raced since last October , JJ hadn’t raced or driven his boat since last years Winter Nationals. 

This year we powered our boats with our new Pro Marine RC 2030kv PLimited Motors and new HOBBYWING esc’s . 

We tested Thursday to see where we were. The weather was going to be high winds and pretty big water. 

So we set the boats up for that. 

First heat in PLimited cat 1 & 2 finish with The SKATERS. Oh boy , we were stoked . Curtis and I went into PLimited Mono with  our Phantoms Ready To battle. Again we beat the best of the best. 1,2 finish. 

Well long story short . This is how we finished in the final in both classes. 

Congrats to JJ Turk , Curtis and all the Pro Marine RC racers and pleasure boaters !

You are all winners 

Stay tuned . We have just begun !

Innovators not Imitators 

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