• Micheal Stancombe

New things coming

As you have seen, if you follow our pages, new products are being developed . 

1. Twin Outboard powered SKATER’s and MTR’s

Getting productions costs in line now.

2. F1 tunnel

Finishing running plug

3. Hydro

Finishing running plug now 

4. Also looking into testing all boats on Nitro. 

We don’t rest at Pro Marine RC. We innovate, then go race. We find racing helps build a better product and find possible issues. 

And WE love to race 

BUT, these are not just racing RC boats. These are boats to just go play with on the weekends or evenings. Take it on the boat with you, the yacht or just to the shores of your favorite lake or pond. 

Enjoy them like they were built to be enjoyed.

Long lasting , forgiving , stable  and fast !

It’s what we do for you behind the scenes that set us apart from the rest.

Get a boat, grab the remote and go have fun ! 

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