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Boat Set-Up
When setting up your Pro Marine RC boat:
NOTE: Our X-2 model is set up to spin props outward. If you change rotation you must swap flex shafts. 
1. Make sure center line of strut is at least even with bottom (keel) of the sponsons.
2. Align motor and grease flexshaft.
3. Loosen flex shaft from collet on motor. Install prop and tighten as tight as you can. Reinstal flex shaft leaving a 1/16'" gap between prop dog and strut.
4. Tighten all bolts, nuts and set screws. Make sure every thing is tight.
 5. Install Industrial Strength Velcro Brand velcro in sponsons. Hard side of velcro in sponsons. 7 3/4" forward of transom to flotation when using our 2-2s8000mah65c batteries. Since batterys vary in weight, follow below instructions.
6. When readying the boat for your first run. The best set up is to put batteries in the full forward position in sponsons and move rearward in quarter inch increments. Marking their position in boat. Watch temps and DO NOT OVER PROP as electronic failures can occur and will not be covered by our excellent service. 
If you find your self having radio issues, here are a few tips:
1. Make sure receiver is dry. Moisture will make it not bind to radio.
2. If there is water inside , disconnect power, blow out water with compressed air, then use WD40 and blow out with air again.
This usually cures 90% of issues with steering and/or throttle issues. 
When finshed running boats. follow these instructions 
1. Remove flex shaft and wipe clean. Leave out of boat until next outing. 
2. Thuroughly dry boat inside and out. Store with hatch off. If you run in salt water, please treat this like a real boat. Wash with soap and water. Then WD-40 , or like product on parts that could corrode. KEEP RECEIVER DRY!
3. Store in a dry climate controlled area.